Red Carpet Arrivals at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York with Kamila Roth

Founded by Nil Production, the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, is an annual prestigious event taking place at the iconic center of arts, New York City. Our Magazine Ambassador Kamila Roth hosted the Red Carpet Exclusives on behalf of London Prestige, to meet with filmmakers, and the VIP Special Guests attending the IFFNY Film Festival. 

How was your Red Carpet experience at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York?

Kamila Roth: I absolutely loved the IFFNY! The concentration of creativity, talented artists and positive energy at one place! It is an incredible experience to be a part of this festival and  hosting on red carpet – that’s a dream come true! A dream that I wasn’t aware of having, but super happy it came true! I want to thank IFFNY, Mrika Krasniqi and Ermira Babamusta for picking me as one of the hosts!

What are some of your proudest moments in your life/career?

Kamila Roth: My decision to move to the United States of America is definitely one of the top 3 things that I’m proud of. I didn’t give up and went through the obstacles and hard times all because I wanted to be free and have opportunities in life. Eventually I realized that freedom is in the mind and in the heart and doesn’t depend on territorial or physical circumstances. Opportunities are limitless!

What special guests did you meet that you enjoyed talking with?

Kamila Roth: I absolutely loved talking to everyone at IFFNY. I met incredible people! Ermira Babamusta, Richard Stein, Jamal Hodge,  Devin Williams, Devin Nelson are just few names from the top of my head. It’s inspiring to be around such talented and passionate people!

Amina Zhaman, Mira Babamusta, Kamila Roth, Kaufman Astoria Studios (Photo by Ilir Rizaj)

What movies did you see at IFFNY that you loved?

Kamila Roth: Some of the films that I loved are: “One Bedroom” (USA) – funny and smart, enjoyed every second of it, all New Yorkers will relate to the story I think; “Battle Fields” (USA) – about two worlds, two men, two broken lives as an outcome of one horrible war. I also liked “The Kiss” (Brazil),  “The Interview” (USA), “fiSOlofia” (ITALY) and “The last dance of Walter Vintorp” (BELGIUM). The final dance of the lead character wearing Elvis’s costume was mind blowing and hilarious!

What are three tips to successfully hosting red carpet live interviews?

Kamila Roth: I only did it once, but definitely I can say: take initiative, be yourself and just enjoy the process.

Is there any particular person or mentor who has inspired you to keep going and pursue your dreams?

Kamila Roth: Motivational speakers and books are helpful to get fired up and keep going. “The Little Prince” by Eksuperi was the first inspiring book I read. It taught me that it’s good to be unique and it’s good to dream. I’ve read somewhere that the strongest motivation is the one that comes from within oneself. That’s what I try to do, I find inspiration inside – in my soul.

What motto do you live by?

Kamila Roth: Be honest with yourself and others and you won’t have to regret anything.

Tell is a little bit about your background, what do you do?

Kamila Roth: I studied Public Relations back home. When I moved to America, I have worked different jobs, including management, modeling, and tutoring. I have always been drawn to the movie industry  and Television (quality TV-shows, travel shows). And that’s what I’m going to pursue in nearest future.

Kamila Roth, Red Carpet Host, IFFNY, Photo by Ivan Morales, Innovation Media New York
Amina Zhaman, Debora Falabella, Kamila Roth, Awards Gala, IFFNY
Kamila Roth, Anouar Smaine, Amina Zhaman, IFFNY Red Carpet (Photo by Ilir Rizaj)
Amina Zhaman, Ferit Kuleta, Kamila Roth, IFFNY Red Carpet (Photo by Ilir Rizaj)

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