Igli Zarka, successful actor, who became a great director

After years of success both on screen and on stage, acclaimed actor Igli Zarka decided to take his creativity on the other side of the camera – directing. Zarka made a name for himself portraying convincing roles, in such a powerful way, creating a league of his own. He is multi-dimensional, sophisticated, intelligent and down to earth. 

“I believe that nowadays art has become too commercial, and in a sense it has lost its true meaning. For me art means expressing yourself through feeling and art, rather than focusing on the material aspect of it. With my recent play “The Two Character Play”, written by the well-known american playwright, Tennessee Williams, I wanted to bring to the audience different truths of what it means to be a human. It really brings you inside the mental state of two characters, portrayed beautifully by Chris Lleshi,” said Igli Zarka for London Prestige.

Igli Zarka’s notable acting roles include: EquusThe Glass Menagerie, written by Tennessee Williams (2013), Shakespearean drama “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2014), Chekhov’s “The seagull” (2016). His directorial debut is “The Two Character Play” in 2018, starring Chris Lleshi and Igli Zarka. He gained a whole new measure of fame after directing his first play, as well as portraying a complex performance for his role “Felice” in The Two Character Play.

His notable film roles include: Ergi (2016), The Suit (2016), The Lost Bullet (2016).

“Being an actor is a mystic world to me, where I discover myself with each role I take on. To me acting is one of the most spiritual professions. Life itself is like acting a great drama. And the world is your stage,” added the talented actor and director Igli Zarka.

Zarka’s acting career has spanned nearly 10 years. His BA and MA is in “Acting” from the Academy in Arts in Albania. His passion for acting and the psychology behind creating emotions led to his pursuit of on-stage and onscreen artistic projects.

Currently Zarka is working on several new projects, to be announced soon.

Chris Lleshi and Igli Zarka in “The Two Character Play” (Photo by Altin Celmeta)



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