Accomplished Actor and Model Andreas Holm-Hansen on the rise

Andreas Holm-Hansen is a Danish actor and model who grew up with his twin, older brother and his parents in a suburb north of Copenhagen, Denmark. He first appeared in a music videos in the summer of 2009 and then began to pursue acting in short films and commercials. After years as an actor training both in Denmark and New York City he also started modeling in Los Angeles.

Andreas is an accomplished and diverse actor with many credits in both the motion picture industry and as a model for print, runway and commercials in Europe, USA and South Africa. Andreas have had the pleasure of working with prominent directors such as Miles Jay, Nadav Kander and Dave Meyers. And, most recently caught the eye of celebrity fashion photographer Tony Duran.

London Prestige Exclusive Interview with actor and model Andreas Holm-Hansen

London Prestige: Tell us a little about yourself.

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I’m one of those guys who’s been dipping his toes in a bunch of different things to learn a lot of different things. I’ve also been an active athlete playing many different sports growing up. All of this pushed me towards a career in the creative field which I’m now pursuing. Another passion I have is food and cooking. I work with my roommate in creating great tasting food in short time (none of us like the idea of preparing food for 2 hours only to eat for 15 min).

London Prestige: How did you come into modelling?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I had taken a few pictures with some friends just for fun when I started acting but nothing serious. It wasn’t until after I graduated acting school in New York and moved to Los Angeles and met a makeup artist who helped me get started. I took some really great pictures and posted them online and was scouted by an agency in LA and then it slowly took off from there.

Photo by Mathias Foley

London Prestige: What are your goals as a model?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I would love to become an icon. Creating amazing campaigns and shooting with amazing photographers, brands and stylists. Modeling has helped my build confidence and I want to keep growing with my work and hope to inspire others to reach their dreams. 

London Prestige: Any tips about staying fit and in shape?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I believe in treating yourself right. Restricting yourself too much from things you really want and you could end up feeling like you are missing out or punishing yourself. Be aware of your daily routines when it comes to what you eat and if you can stay on a healthy path as part of your lifestyle you can afford to treat yourself more often to the little treats you love. And work out a lot of course haha. 

London Prestige: What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Very recently I was in Cape Town shooting a big commercial for Volvo which was a big experience. Amazing crew, a director I really admire and surroundings that were to die for! Can’t wait to see once it is finished.

London Prestige: Who’s your favorite photographer you’ve done a shoot with and why? Irvin Rivera aka. Graphics Metropolis is a good friend of mine whom I really respect as a photographer. He is constantly posting stunning work and I’m proud to have worked with and proud to call him my friend. 

London Prestige: What was your first big break in industry?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: My first month in Los Angeles I got booked to play a role in P!NK’s music video “Blow Me (one last kiss) directed by Dave Meyers. I got some amazing screen time with Pink and great exposure as well. 

Andreas Holm-Hansen, Photo by Brie Childers

London Prestige: Share with us an amazing experience you have had in your travels or on the runway.

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Summer 2017 I got booked to shoot a huge campaign for Gillette in Barcelona. I got to stay there for 2 weeks and combine both work and leisure. Meeting great people, working a big job with many location, huge crew and having time to explore a new city is the ultimate experience. I actually met Henry Winkler one day when I was out walking on a day off. 

London Prestige: Describe your biggest accomplishment to date?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: As cliché as it may sound, overcoming insecurity, shyness and social anxiety has been one of my biggest accomplishments my work has given me. The struggles and rejections along with the success help me overcome a lot and develop from childhood into adulthood. 

London Prestige: How would you describe your personal style?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I prefer athleisure wear. Sporty style with some lose fit, yet fitted clothes. Nothing to tight or I’ll feel suffocated.

What is your fashion style?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: When I have to dress up I love to mix in “old” fashion. Sixpence, suspenders. I love the “older gentleman look”, especially when you put it on a young guy. 

London Prestige: Who/what inspires you?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: People with passion and drive and who aren’t afraid to compliment themselves when they know they are doing great work. Nothing gets me more excited when on a shoot and a photographer/director looks over material and goes “HELL YEAH THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT”! Gets me pumped and is definitely a performance booster. 

Actor and Model Andreas Holm-Hansen (Photo by Anders Aqqalu Andersen

London Prestige: Who is your favorite fashion designer to work with and why?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I walked for Brandon Scott B:Scott for LA Fashion Week and loved his designs. I haven’t had the chance to work with designers for shoots or campaigns just yet but I hope to real soon. 

London Prestige: Who is your fashion icon?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: I’ve always wanted to work with Vivienne Westwood. Her designs are stunning and her shows are always amazing. 

London Prestige: What makes you feel confident and sexy?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Right after a good morning workout before breakfast when you get to see how the body really looks.

Also, being put in a perfect tailored suit with nice shoes and hair all done. Something happens to your posture and attitude when you are dressed in a suit. 

London Prestige: What do you wish for your future?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: To actually start working! I’ve spent many years now working for scraps and building my modeling portfolio but never gotten actual modeling work. I hope I can start to work full time in the very near future. Once I get some momentum going I hope to travel and see the world and work with some of the biggest brands in the world! 

Photo Nov 12, 9 02 39
Photo by Jacopo Manfren 

London Prestige: If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Well right now when I am not modeling I am acting. Getting the best of both worlds. I would definitely be working in a creative field, maybe commercials and advertising. 

London Prestige: Five things you can’t live without?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Peanut butter, “romkugler” (a Danish pastry), gym, sunscreen and my family. 

London Prestige: What fashion or show would you love most to be on?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Vivienne Westwood for sure. Benetton. Paul Smith. 

London Prestige: What’s your goal for this year?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: To get signed with a New York and LA agency and do my first big campaign! 

London Prestige: What is your advice for aspiring models?

Andreas Holm-Hansen: Master being you, your true you. Don’t let people dictate how you should look or dress. Create your own character and people will come to you and fall in love with you!

*Cover photo by Yifei Gu



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