Kristin Stein on her passion for acting and latest projects

Kristin Stein is a talented actress, born in Germany, who then moved to Sweden before settling in London. She received her acting training and education from the International School of Screenacting in London. In 2018 Kristin was the presenter for San Marino’s pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Kristin played a leading role of “Lisa” in “Seven Steps” directed by Hanna Samuelsson. She was last seen playing in the “The search of the missing Pickle” film, directed by Elliot Wood. Her other roles include leading role in “Dysphoria”, directed by Chloe Taylor, and in “Celebrity Bunker” directed by Michael Workman. 

Additionally, Kristin has worked on a German voice over for Expedia as well as a short commercial for Badoo’s Swedish branch. In Sweden Kristin preformed in the classical plays such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Christmas carol”. She also performed as the lead in the Swedish musical “Yaxhiri”.

Currently, Kristin Stein is working with the London based start-up production company 1IN360 Ltd. in their search of finding San Marino’s official representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. In the following interview actress Kristin Stein talks about her upbringing, her talents and her most recent projects.

London Prestige: Tell us a little about yourself, growing up and your passions.

Kristin Stein: I am actually born in Germany but moved to the exiled Swedish countryside at age 11 with my family. As nobody in our entire line of relatives spoke Swedish or had ever been to Sweden except on vacation, this was a pretty big deal and as some would say: a little crazy. As an evolving teenager, not knowing the language and being taken out of your circle of friends it could be quite challenging at times but I have now fully embraced what it means to be a Scandinavian Viking and looking back, loved growing up bilingually.

One thing I remember vividly is enrolling in acting class quite early on (note that my Swedish was far from fluent at this point which proved to be a challenge). Here I made some of my first closest friends and still today think that these classes played a big part in building my confidence in this new strange country.

I also started horse riding which fueled a passion that also lasted long and I’m sure, will last a lifetime.

London Prestige: What are you currently working on?

Kristin Stein: I returned from Bratislava not long ago where I was a presenter for San Marino’s pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. We managed to find a winner that will sing on stage in Lisbon. Not only did I get a fascinating insight behind the scenes of how a huge Casting Show is produced in Eastern Europe (None of the crew spoke English but we all communicated through ONE translator. This wasn’t just face to face but also included all communication through our headsets and ear-pieces during the live show. Very terrifying but surprisingly very manageable!) but I also managed to eat my way through large parts of the delicious Slovakian cuisine.

Technically though, my very last role was as the drunken hot mess Polly Pickle in “The search of the missing Pickle” a few days ago.

London Prestige: What made you take this role?

Kristin Stein: This was a short film which my good friend suggested me for as he knew the production team. It turned out to be a very short project but I met some really nice people which always sweetens the deal. 

Kristin Stein (Photo by ©Michael Wharley)

London Prestige: What journey does your character go on in the course of the monologues?

Kristin Stein: There where no monologues in this film. My character goes missing and the case gets picked up by a private investigator which fuels all sorts of speculations and conspiracies. Ironically, it turns out that Polly was nothing more than a drunk student that gets lost and ends up at a wild college party.

London Prestige: Tell us a little bit more about this film, what is it about, who else are you working with, and who is the director? 

Kristin Stein: It is produced by the young start up production company Blindfold Productions and the director is Elliot Woods.

London Prestige: What is the most challenging role you have played and why?

Kristin Stein: I played a young Swedish immigrant that comes to London with the hopes for love, adventure and good times but instead finds out that her best friend has passed back home. The film “Seven Steps” is about the way she deals with the deep grief she feels and the loneliness she has to face as she goes through this in a new country all by herself. It encouraged me to take myself to a completely darker emotional place I had ever gone to for a role before. I also got to combine both Swedish and English in my acting as the film was in both languages.

London Prestige: And the most fun one?

Kristin Stein: I must say it was the role mentioned above. It was tough but at the same time so incredibly rewarding and fun to play around and learn so much about yourself.

London Prestige: Describe your biggest accomplishment to date?

Kristin Stein: Getting on that plane in the tiny village in Sweden to move to London and study acting in London. Even though my family and friends have always been very supportive, in my hometown Arvika has a very enclosed society where people don’t usually step outside the “norm”. Telling everyone that you are moving to London to pursue acting is about the same as saying you’re going to Mars to become a wizard.

Kristin Stein (Photo by©Michael Wharley)

London Prestige: What training / education do you have? How has your training prepared you for you acting career?

Kristin Stein: I did a two-year curse at the International School of Screenacting in London. As the name suggests it primarily focuses on acting for screen but also includes all aspects of classic acting training such as voice and movement. I feel that the school has helped me immensely in preparing us for the business and how to keep your head over water. Apart from acting classes we also had regular lectures by industry professionals such as Casting directors and agents that would advise us from their point of view which proved very valuable.

London Prestige: Is there any academy or professional in the field that you enjoyed working with that you would like to recommend in your city?

Kristin Stein: I loved studying at the International School of Screenacting and would love for it to be acknowledged. The teachers and directors are above brilliant and are the definition of hard work and passion for the arts!

London Prestige: Have you ever considered branching out into directing or screenwriting?

Kristin Stein: I have! I love all the sides there are to telling a story and I strongly believe that it actually benefits my acting to be able to see things from many different angles around a project.

London Prestige: Where have you played a lead role? What was the character about?

Kristin Stein: The movie “Seven steps” about the young Swedish immigrant I mentioned earlier. Her name was Lisa.

London Prestige: Do you have any theatrical experience? What plays have you performed?

Kristin Stein: In Sweden I preformed a few classical plays such as “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Christmas carol”. I also performed as the lead in the Swedish musical “Yaxhiri”.

London Prestige: If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?

Kristin Stein: I would probably have an equally challenging job where no day is the same. Maybe a journalist that gets to be curious and talk to people for a living.

Kristin Stein (Photo by ©Michael Wharley)

London Prestige: What have you seen lately that’s inspired you?

Kristin Stein: I am currently hooked on Nettflix’ “Designated Survivor”, a politically charged drama series about the American political system in chaos. It is nerve wracking!

London Prestige: What television shows or show would you love most to be on?

Kristin Stein: Ever since the German series “Dark” came out on Nettflix I have been wanting to be a part of the next season.

London Prestige: What’s your goal for this year?

Kristin Stein: I am really looking to make use of my languages in new and exciting ways in my acting! My goal is to find a role where I get to do that!

London Prestige: What is your advice for aspiring actors?

Kristin Stein: My advice is really what everyone else always tells me: hang in there and stay positive! It really is true!


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