Superstar DJ from Switzerland: The success story of DJ Dark Child

DJ Dark Child is considered one of the most successful and influential DJs in Switzerland, who is known for performances in Europe and making some of the best mixes. He is renowned for his hard work, and has received the attention of some of biggest world stars.  In the following interview he shares for London Prestige that it has been a busy year and he will continue to focus on making music and on his booming career. 

London Prestige: When did you start DJing? What were your early influences? 

DJ Dark Child: Addicted to music since childhood, raised on drums but also preferred Hip-Hop like a kid, and still he does like fat bass and jazzy stuffs. Started DJing in 2007 in Turkey, as his first show ever before the crowd! Early influences for me were all artists that left something that we still listen to, like 2Pac, Michael Jackson and nowdays Jay-Z, Eminem etc etc.

London Prestige: What do you consider as your top three highlights of your career? 

DJ Dark Child: 1.Resident DJ in Lion Club (Luzern) that brought more artists than any club in Switzerland and Resident DJ in Rinora 4 (Zurich) which is the biggest Albanian club in Europe.

2.Playing alongside worldwide artists like: Tyga, The Game, Lil Jon and many more.

3.Performed in more than 10 different countries in Europe.

London Prestige: What have produced recently? Any collaborations? 

DJ Dark Child: Recently I am focused on making some remixes of good songs, like we did the official remix for Willy William – Ego with my friend DOSS. Also I am working on some other things that would like to keep them now as a secret. I hate talking without realising.

London Prestige: What’s the best gig you have played? 

DJ Dark Child: Definitely opening set for The Game.

London Prestige: Describe your sound in few words.

DJ Dark Child: Everything that makes you dance!


London Prestige: What is a recent set you have worked on? What type of music/vibes does it have? 

DJ Dark Child: It’s an Albanian Mixtape, including all Albanian recent hits. I make that always it’s with parts. I had till now three releases and soon will come the next one. I prefer to put on covers Albanian models/bloggers like I did last time with Melisa (Albanian model based in Zurich) and I am open for a collab with someone who want’s to be on my cover for the mix.

London Prestige: What kind of equipment do you work with?

DJ Dark Child: Macbook, Serato, Vinyls/CDJs.

London Prestige: Who were your first teachers / early mentors?

DJ Dark Child: It was just one, Dark Beat. The guy that gave me first name Dark from my actual DJ name.

London Prestige: How has music changed since you first started to DJ? 

DJ Dark Child: Nothing is temporary. Everything change, so music too. If I talk for myself I play more what people wants than what I hear or want, normally not out of borders or out of my style. The new school Hip-Hop became so famous in the last time, people really likes it and go crazy with that music. Before it wasn’t like that, as I remember.

London Prestige: What are your music predictions this year? 

DJ Dark Child: More good music like Rihanna with the last song alongside DJ Khaled ‘Wild Thoughts’ and Chris Brown with ‘Questions’. They bring all old hits in the modern style. Thats really good for us DJs and for people who loves the music.

London Prestige: What other shows or performances have you been part of?

DJ Dark Child: As a DJ I’ve been in a lot of club performances, festivals, beach clubs, open air parties, wedding also lol.

London Prestige: Have there been opportunities for you to tour in the past?

DJ Dark Child: I tried but unfortunately no. I was rejected by managers/promoters that today wants me to play on their venue which I go and play there just to tell them that what they missed in the past for less money.

London Prestige: What else do you have planned for this year? 

DJ Dark Child: For now focused on my career in Switzerland that’s all I can say.


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