Actress Brigitte Millar’s Rise to Fame

Brigitte Millar is an award winning London based, bilingual European/English, actress. Her family ancestry goes back to the famous painter Emil Nolde and she has inherited his natural creativity. But Emil died in abject poverty and although his paintings now fetch seven figure sums, Brigitte’s artistic skills were heavily discouraged.  And would have been lost forever but for the support and encouragement of her brother.

Out of work having been made redundant from the dull and boring day job, Brigitte considered the possibility of a dancing career. But her brother steered her towards acting and a lifelong talent and passion was discovered. Shortly after finishing drama college, Brigitte was cast as ‘Emmeline Vance’ in ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ directed by David Yates and she has worked consistently on many high quality projects since.

In 2011 she won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the International Film Festival in Los Angeles for her role as ‘Amelia Holland’ in the multi-award winning feature film ‘David is Dying’ directed by Stephen Lloyd Jackson. This film won 8 awards in the United States alone. The first British Independent feature film to do this.

Brigitte has worked with a range of highly-respected experienced actors including Dakota Blue Richards in ‘The Quiet Hour‘ which was nominated for the award for Best UK Feature Film at the International Raindance Film Festival in 2014.

She is an active member of the Actors Centre in London and has studied with many of the masters including the American acting coaches Jack Waltzer and Bernard Hiller.

In 2015, she played the villain, Dr. Vogel, in Spectre’ opposite Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz and directed by Sam Mendes. And now with her O1 visa in her hands, she is ready to take on any challenge.

Her hobbies include Ballroom and Latin American dancing, Argentine Tango, horse-riding, reading, visiting art galleries and meditation. Her hobbies are Dancing, especially Argentine Tango and horse riding, Art, Literature, Opera, Ballet and Music.

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London Prestige Exclusive Interview with Actress Brigitte Millar

London Prestige: What is the most challenging role you have played and why?

Brigitte Millar: “Katherine” in “The Quiet Hour” as she is a Cambridge housewife, who is forced to defend her family against alien intruders and turns into a gang leader.

London Prestige: And the most fun one? 

Brigitte Millar: My most fun role is Dr. Vogel in Spectre alongside Daniel Craig and Christoph Waltz, playing a German scientist, who is the only woman in a male dominated board room and has to assert her authority.

London Prestige: Describe your biggest accomplishment to date?

Brigitte Millar: I would say that is Dr Vogel in Bond/Spectre. We did approximately 15 takes per scene, it was a lot of fun, but also required a lot of concentration.

London Prestige: What training / education do you have? How has your training prepared you for you acting career?

Brigitte Millar: First I studied at the London Centre for Theatre Studies full time, and booked Emeline Vance in Harry Potter straight after drama college. The I di a couple of courses at RADA. I don’t think I was fully prepared for working on set, but I had a lovely mentor in fellow actor Peter Cartwright (Bishop in Emmerdale). He taught me the do’s and dont’s on set, which has been so valuable for me, it prepared me for all the other jobs I got afterwards.

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London Prestige: Is there any academy or professional in the field that you enjoyed working with that you would like to recommend in your city?

Brigitte Millar: Yes, I would recommend Stephanie Joalland at Frenzy Films, who directed me in The Quiet Hour.

London Prestige: Who is your favorite director to work with and why?

Brigitte Millar: This must be Sam Mendes, who is so perceptive and sensitive to actors needs and feelings and so much fun to work with.

London Prestige: Have you ever considered branching out into directing or screenwriting?

Brigitte Millar: No,  that’s not really my thing, but there is a book I’d like to get the screen rights to and turn into a movie.

London Prestige: Where have you played a lead role? What was the character about?

Brigitte Millar: I played Michele, a psychic medium in Walking With the Ferryman. She is very sensitive and very spiritual, it was a challenge to get that across without being the stereotypical psychic.

London Prestige: Do you have any theatrical experience? What plays have you performed?

Brigitte Millar: I did a little bit of theatre a long time ago, when I was a drama student, but most of my work is film and TV.

London Prestige: If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?

Brigitte Millar: Painting, perhaps singing?

London Prestige: What have you seen lately that’s inspired you?

Brigitte Millar: I love Javier Bardem, he is just so amazing and he inspires me, he was so scary in Skyfall and I’d love to work with him.

London Prestige: What television shows or show would you love most to be on?

Brigitte Millar: Suits, NCIS, CSI, Homeland anything by Marvel..

London Prestige: What’s your goal for this year?

Brigitte Millar: I’d like to book a TV role or big budget movie role in one of my favourite TV shows or movies, i. e. X-Men, Starwars, Startrek…

London Prestige: What is your advice for aspiring actors?

Brigitte Millar: I would say: Get as much training as you possibly can, you’ll need it to fall back on when you’re working on set and doing a lot of takes.

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