Ibër Deari reveals new details on Proof Film

After the global success of his critically acclaimed film “A long way home” winner of “Best New Film” and “Best Director”, Ibër Deari announced his next project for 2018.

Award-winning Director Ibër Deari says that he and Mrika Krasniqi are in the process of the making of their latest new film “Proof”, a collaboration with the renowned American film company Nil Production. The film is shot in New York.

“The movie ‘Proof’ of writer and director Mrika Krasniqi has been a new challenge for me as a young filmmaker. Mrika in this scenario created a big world within a small one. Using only two locations but with a lot of action and activity within them. This is the mastership of an actress and a director that I had the pleasure working with. Besides the amazing scenario and the direction, she succeeded to create an amazing cast which maintained a positive energy throughout the whole time we were shooting. I had the pleasure to work with the amazing actor Xhevat Limani.”

“Also, I had the chance to meet with Liza Hoxha, an amazing young actress, with whom I think we will continue to work together on future projects. Last but not least, it was more than fun to work with the two amazing actors – Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba. After we were done shooting the movie scenes, I understood that not only I finished a movie but I also finished a new school. The whole time I was learning a lot of new things and as the time goes by, more and more I realized that the cinema is a never-ending study and we will never finish studying it. This movie is dedicated to children who are experiencing war and the message is clear: instead of using weapons use art and cinema,” stated Ibër Deari for London Prestige magazine.


“I have teamed up with the very bright and talented Ibër Deari as Director of Photography in this project. The luxury of having gifted actors such as the great Xhevat Limani, Liza Hoxha, Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba has made this project one of my favorites. The best part about writing and directing ‘Proof’ has been seeing the characters come alive in front of me through the amazing work of the actors,” said Mrika Krasniqi, writer and director of “Proof” film.

“The film tells the story of a grandfather and his granddaughter whose worlds are shattered from the trauma of the 1999 war in Kosova. Dedicated to the 20,000 children of Kosova who lost their parents in the war, we want to send a message of peace and love,” added Mrika Krasniqi.

Starring Xhevat Limani “Icon of Albanian Acting” and Liza Hoxha as lead characters, alongside the talented Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba, the film brings a powerful psychological and emotional story.

“Proof” is written and directed by Mrika Krasniqi, with Ibër Deari as Director of Photography, a production of Nil Production.


Mrika Krasniqi, Liza Hoxha Foto nga Iber Deari




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