Producer Izet Morina of Plisi Film finds success with thought-provoking films

Izet Morina is an Albanian film producer, best known for producing award-winning films, “The War“, “Toka e Zotit” (God’s Land) and “Tanku në Oborrim Tim” (Tank on my yard). Born in 1986 in Kosovo, he gained recognition, being nominated for his extraordinary work, winning international awards. Izet Morina majored in Management and Informatics from the AAB Faculty of Economics and is currently pursuing two Master Degrees: Management & Informatics from Business College, and Public Administration and Diplomacy from AAB in Prishtina, Kosovo. His background in business and production contributed to his success as a talented producer.

“I am very passionate about film-making and the visual side of storytelling. I have had one of the greatest experiences working with director Mentor Spahiu for our film company Plisi Film. And together we have embarked on some very memorable journeys, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things. We recently just returned from France as we currently are in the process of shooting our documentary film ‘Actors of Cannes’ / Aktorët e Kanës. This story hits close to home for us as it covers a very sensitive topic and we hope to bring awareness and justice about the poisoning of 8,400 school children in Kosova by Serbia in 1990,” said producer Izet Morina and CEO/Co-Founder of Plisi Film.

01 (17)
Producer Izet Morina, CEO/Co-Founder of Plisi Film ( Photo Credits: Kushtrim Morina, Foto Limani

Izet Morina produced and acted in “Tanku në Oborrin Tim” (Tank on my yard), winner of the “Media Award” at the Dea Open Air International Film Festival in Albania. Directed and written by Mentor Spahiu, “Tank on my yard” (2014) looks at the aftermath of the Kosovo war, based on a true story. As the martyr’s father is conflicted about the welfare of his family, he contemplates selling the memorial tank to cover the school costs of the children, the martyr left behind. The film has screened in Malta, Albania, India, Florida, Norway and Macedonia.

The same year, Izet Morina produced his next successful short film “The War”, which received the “Best Film” nomination at the PiGrecoZen Film Festival in Italy. The film looks at the impact of war on children and their post-war conditions. “The War” (2014) is written and directed by Mentor Spahiu, a production of Plisi Film and Gegnia Film, starring Erian Morina. “The War” has been officially selected in many reputable international film festivals including: London, New York, Arkansas, Catalonia, Bulgaria, India, Italy, Austria, Taiwan, Sweden, Turkey, Australia, Barcelona, etc.

In 2012 Izet Morina co-founded the motion picture company “Plisi Film” , together with Mentor Spahiu. In 2012 he produced his first film “Pjata”, followed by “God’s Land” (Toka e Zotit) in 2013. “God’s Land” is directed by Mentor Spahiu, written by Luan Kryeziu, starring Xhevat Qorraj, Mehdi Popaj, Avdulla Gjikoka, Selatin Ademi, Besarta Fejza, Arben Bajgora, a production of Plisi Film and Iliria Film. The film is about two families in blood-feud over land ownership, who seek justice from the alderman to solve their dispute. The film was an official selection at the South-Eastern European Film Festival in France and Germany, at Skena UP and Nive Eleven Festival in Kosovo and at the Albanian Film Week in New York.

“We have been fortunate to compete and screen our movies world wide in many film festivals representing Kosova. We want to appeal to a wider global audience with our films and we have an opportunity to show Kosova to the world through art and film. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us, enabling us to produce our passion projects, including: Smajl Latifi, Jeton Gashi, Blerim Krasniqi, Bekim Krasniqi, Isak Krasniqi, Defrim Morina, Dardan Qadraku, Musa Jupolli, Gëzim Rama, Dr. Besnik Bardhi, Arben Zharku of QKK, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kosova and many more,” said producer Izet Morina for London Prestige Magazine.

“Additionally, we would like to thank our wonderful colleagues, the talented filmmakers and our amazing professors for collaborating with us and guiding us along the way, namely: Prof. Ekrem Xani, Prof Jeton Ahmetaj, Prof Emin Halili, Prof. Xhevdet Pantina, Luan Kryeziu, Durim Kryeziu, Genc Berisha, Fisnik Muji, Valon Jakupaj, Isak Duraku, Alketa Maksuti Beqari, Haxhi Muhaxheri.”

“We are very proud to be working with superb professional Albanian actors, who deserve recognition for their terrific work. Plisi Film has had the opportunity to work with great actors over the years who are a household name in Kosova, such as: Selman Lokaj, Fatime Llugiqi, Xhevat Qorraj, Prof. Selami Taraku, Jeton Ahmetaj, Avdullah Gjikoka, Rabije Kryeziu, Selatin Ademi, Donika Ahmet, Arben Bajgora, Bujar Zeqiri, Bashkim Ramadani, Molika Magjuni, Blerim Voli, Alban Qela, Besarta Fejza, etc.” added producer Izet Morina, CEO of Plisi Film.

01 (12)
Producer Izet Morina, CEO/Co-Founder of Plisi Film (Photo by Kushtrim Morina, Foto Limani)
Mentor Spahiu and Izet Morina, the making of “Actors of Cannes” documentary film.
On the set of the documentary film “Actors of Cannes” in Gjakova, Kosovo, with director/writer Mentor Spahiu, Dr. Bardhi, Producer Izet Morina, DP Isak Duraku
“Tank on My Yard”, winner of Media Award, directed by Mentor Spahiu, produced by Izet Morina, Plisi Film.
Behind the scenes of “Tank on My Yard” film with director Mentor Spahiu, and actor Selman Lokaj.
On the set of “God’s Land” a film by Mentor Spahiu and Izet Morina, written by Luan Kryeziu.
Producer Izet Morina (Photo by Plisi Film)




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